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Woodstock PowerStrike Spectra Hollow Core Braided Line 200-Pounds Test (50-Pounds Dia.)600 than standard Spectra when using Loop to Loop or Mono insertcrimp set ups Braided Spectra Line with virtually no stretch Resin impregnated gives better [More]
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In June 2018, Kurgo’s Small, Medium and Large Impact Dog Seatbelt Harness,v.1, were tested at Calspan’s Buffalo, NY crash test facility and passed the laboratory test procedure for pet safety harness restraint systems. The test [More]
In this video Lorena interviews K and RJ from Zenergy Dog Training about how to introduce your dog to a new baby. They discuss how to prepare before the baby, behaviors to look out for [More]
In today’s video we will go over how to get your dog ready for a new baby. Well not just a dog but a pet in general. even a pet alligator as you will see [More]
The best way to lose 70 pounds in 4 months, burn 50 lbs of fat in 3 months, drop 60 pounds fast, lose 100 pounds in a year, reduce your weight with 40 pounds lose [More]
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Welcome back to my channel! In today’s videos you’ll get to meet the dogs who can most often be seen hanging out in the background of my videos! Make sure to check out Megan’s channel [More]